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The Government Covid 19 restrictions have been further relaxed and we can now play on all six rinks from

Saturday 12th June.

The formally managed booking sustem has now been suspended and playing is back to the old days with a first come first served approach. The Booking Whats App is being retained for social booking information only. If you are looking for a partner or to fill a gap on your planned outing use the Booking App to find a partner. 
Visitors and players entering the Club should still follow the current Government guidelines regarding
hand hygiene, wearing face coverings , safe distancing etc.
The Club kitchen, locker rooms and indoor hall will remain closed and locked , however toilets will
remain open for members only.
All Members and Visitors must still log their names in the Contacts Tracing book in the hallway for each
and all visits to the Club.

The members wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to all front-line staff, in our hospitals,
nursing homes, local GP’s and supermarkets for their valued contribution to our safety over the past


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