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What if I am a beginner?

All our members began with no knowledge of the game. In fact it is ideal for a person with no sports experience as it is a simple game to learn. But, of course takes time to master but it is very enjoyable and sociable.

How do I join?

Ideally call in to the club in person on a Tuesday morning when there is a club social game. You can try out the bowls and get a feel for the nature of the game. Experience of other sports is an advantage but not essential.

Or phone Christty Shortt - (01) 282 0683, or Eric Furey - 087 286 8932

Which is best to learn first and how much does it cost

Cost is very good value at €210 Euro per annum for all facilities, only €105 for new members in the first year.

Many members begin with indoor bowls and progress outdoors particularly in the winter. Shankill is lucky to have both options.